Adaptive Data Preparation helps business analysts turn raw data into actionable information worth analyzing

  • Excel-like capabilities for exploring, combining, cleaning, shaping and enriching data needed for every analytic use case – no coding, no scripting.
  • Comprehensive data governance with authentication, authorization, versioning, auditing, lineage and reuse.
  • Click-to-Prep for bi-directional access to / from BI tools means no delay between getting data ready and questions answered.
  • Common workspace where business analysts, data scientists, data developers, curators and administrators collaborate – no spreadmarts or version control issues.
  • Modern architecture leverages machine learning, natural language processing (NLP) and semantic analysis to automate data preparation.
  • YARN-compatible, Spark-based in-memory, parallel, pipelined, distributed columnar data transformation engine that linearly scales on commodity hardware to billions of rows of data.
  • Deployed on premise (Hadoop/non-Hadoop), multi-tenant SaaS on AWS or in hybrid mode.